CP-48V 10A/20A Solar charge controller

CP-48V 10A/20A Solar charge controller

We offer the solar charge controller range from DC380V/DC192V DC96V/DC48V/DC24V/DC12V 10A to 120A for your choice with reasonable price&high quality.

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Light and timer control(Settable),digital LED display and Settings.




Rated charging current


Rated load current


System voltage

48V ;

Solar input


480Wp; 960Wp

Overload, short circuit protection

1.25 times the rated current 60sec times the rated current for 5 seconds overload protection actions. ≥ 3 times the rated current short-circuit protection action

No-load loss

≤15 mA

Charging circuit voltage drop

Not more than 0.26V

Discharge circuit voltage drop

Not more than 0.15V

Overvoltage protection


Working temperature

technical grade:-35℃to +55℃;

Boost charging voltage

58.4V;×2/24V; (hold time:30min)(only when there is a discharge call)

Direct charge voltage

57.6V; ×2/24V; (hold time:30min)

Floating charging

54.4V; ×2/24V;(hold time: until reduce to charging return voltage action)

Charging return voltage

52.8v; ×2/24V;

Temperature  compensatio

- 5 mv / ℃ / 2 v (ascension, direct charging, floating, charging to return to voltage compensation);

Undervoltage voltage

48.0V; ×2/24V;

Discharge voltage

44.4 V - discharge rate compensation correction of the initial discharge voltage (no-load voltage); × 2/24 v;

Discharge to return to voltage


Control mode

Charging for PWM pulse width modulation

Controller should be fixed to firm.Dimensions: 121 X 78 (mm)Mounting hole dimensions: 110(mm)

Note: the company reserves the right to change without prior notice.

Controller Description 

The controller is designed for solar power supply system, solar DC street lamp system, And use the intelligent controller of special computer chips . Use a key type light touch switch, complete all operation and Settings. With short circuit, overload, unique counter-attack joint protection, full of, put automatic shutoff, restores and so on the whole function protective measures,the detailed charging indicator, battery state, load and all kinds of fault indicator. The controller through the computer chip to take sample for relates to the parameters of the battery capacity for the of the battery terminal voltage, the discharge current, ambient temperature, etc. Through the special control model calculation, realize conform to the battery characteristics of the discharge rate, temperature compensation correction of high efficiency, high accuracy control, and adopted the efficient PWM battery charging mode, ensure the battery work in the best state, extend battery life. With a variety of work patterns, output mode choices, satisfy the users' various needs.

The main features:

1,Using MCU and special software, based on the special software of the expert control system, realizes the intelligent optimization SOC control.

2,The temperature compensation adopt external temperature sensor, the control accuracy is higher than the internal temperature sensor.

3,Have the overcharge, discharge, electronic short-circuit, overload protection, unique counter-attack joint protection automatic control; Above the protection are not causing damage to any component, and don't burn the fuse.

4,Adopt the tandem PWM for charging main circuit,make the charging loop voltage is reduce nearly half than use the diode charging circuit.The charging efficiency is higher 3%~6% than the non-PWM, increased the power of time. Enhance the charge of over-discharge recovery, normal direct charge, the float-charge automatically controlled way can make the system has a longer use life.

5,The intuitive LED iuminotron indicates the current battery status, allow users to understand the situation of use.

6,The all control adopt the technical grade chip,can run freely in cold,high temperature,damp environment. At the same time use the crystal oscillator timing control, precise timing control.

7,Using the digital LED display and Settings, a key type operation can complete all Settings, use is very convenient for intuitive.

8,with multi-stage single session load time setting, and multistage load time setting can be set up independently of the double time.

9,double time set adopted fuzzy control automatic identification and according to the actual correction night shut down load time (accurate to points), to ensure the load only at set time to open after the morning before it gets dark.



Charging and overvoltage instructions: When the system connection normal, and the sunshine exposure to light battery panels, charging indicator (1) is green normally on, means the system charging circuit is normal; When charging indicator (1) appear green and fast scintillation, means system overvoltage, dealing with the fault processing content.Charging process using the PWM mode, if in case of overdischarge, firstly charging should be reached to the hoist charging voltage, and keep 30 minutes, and then reduce to direct chargingvoltage,Keep 30 minutes, to activate the battery, avoid vulcanization crystallization, and finally reduce to float chargingvoltage and keep float chargingvoltage. If there is no over discharge happened, there will be no hoist charging way, in case of battery water loss.

1,)Battery status indicator:

Battery voltage in the normal range, state lamp (2) is green normally on; When in the full state the indicator is green and slow flash; When the battery voltage reduced to undervoltage,state light turn into orange ; When the battery voltage continue to reduce to the over discharge voltage, state lamp (2) turn into red, the controller will automatically shut down output, warn the user to supply electric power in time. When the battery voltage returned to normal working scope, will be automatically enabled output open, state lamp (2)turn into green.

2,)Load instructions: 

When the load is opening, the load lamp (3) is on normally, If the load current is more than the rated current of 1.25 times of the controller 60 seconds, or load is more than the rated current of 1.5 times of the controller 5 seconds, indicator lamp (3) for red slow flash, means overload, the controller will be closed output. When the load or side of the load appear short circuit fault, the controller will immediately closed output, indicator lamp (3) flash. Appear above-mentioned phenomenon, users shall carefully check the load connection condition. Disconnect the faulty load, press a key,after 10 seconds, then resume normal work, or wait until the next day it can work normally. In the work mode for general controller state, press akey to clear overload or short circuit indication,press the key again  to make recovery output.

3,)Work mode Settings:

Setting method: Press the switch Settings button lasts 5 seconds, MODE (MODE) display digital LED twinkle. Loosen the button, each time you press and convert a number, until the LED display the digital reaction to the user chooses from the table model of corresponding digital then stop to press the key.Wait until LED digital not flicker to complete the set. Each time you press the button, LED digital is on, can be observed the setting value.

4,)Pure light control:

When there is no sunshine, the light intensity down to initiate, after controller delay 10 minutes to confirm start signal, open load, load begin to work; When there is sunshine, light intensity rise to initiate, after controller delay 10 minutes to confirm closing output signal and then closed the output, the load stop working.

5,)Optically controlled open + delay shut single time mode:

Start with the former process,When the load is working to setting time will shut the load, time setting according to the table below.

6,)General controller mode:

The way can only cancel the light control,time control function,output delay and related function,keep all other function,used as a general universal controller.

7,) Debug mode:

Used in system debugging use, as the same with the pure control mode, only cancel the judgment light signal control output 10 min delay, retain all other function. There is a light signal and shut off the load, if no light signal and connect the load, when installation it’s convenient for checking the correctness of the installation system.

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