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1,FAQ:Can customer use Generator as AC source to connect with inverter?

A: .As we know, generator always supplies unstable power and surge power of generator is very big. 

     So, we don’t suggest customer to use generator as AC source.

2.FAQ: Please kindly recommend solar system to us.

A: We need to know following information and then can recommend suitable solar system for you:

    1) Please kindly advice if you need stand-alone solar system or grid-tied solar system.

    2) Total wattage of your appliances

    3) How many hours a day you will run your appliances

    4) Do you have mains power? How long the mains power will supply?

    5) The daytime for sunshine

    6) Will you use a generator with your solar system? If so, please kindly give us the spec. of your generator. 

3.FAQ: Why we can’t use Modified Sine Wave Inverter to run FLUORESCENT LAMPS?

A: Because the fluorescent lamp with power factor capacitor, the main function for power factor capacitor of fluorescent lamp is 

    to enhance the AC power efficiency in Pure sine Wave inverter, not Modified Sine Wave Inverter. So it will cause the opposite 

    effect if customer uses our modified sine wave inverter to supply power to fluorescent lamp. Furthermore, it will cause the high 

    voltage MOS.of our Modified Sine Wave Inverter get a short cut.