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The main difference between a standard power inverter and a grid tie power inverter is that the latter also ensures that the power supplied will be in phase with grid power. This allows individuals with surplus power (wind, solar, etc) to sell the power back to the utility in the form of net metering or the arrangement your local utility offers.


On the AC side a grid tie inverter must supply electricity in sinusoidal form,synchronized to the frequency of the grid and limit the feed in voltage to no higher than the grid voltage.


A grid tie inverter also must disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down(blackout).In the event of blackout,the grid tie inverter will shut down to prevent potentially harming the line workes who are sent to fix the power grid.See wikipedia artcle on grid tie inverters.


 A Grid-Tie Inverter takes the electricity generated by the renewable energy system and sends it to the power distribution panel in your home or office.


From there the power may be used by loads within your home or if not needed it will redirected to the utility grid.


When there is no energy generated, utility power is pulled from the grid to provide power to your home.


 The Grid tie inverters are used in Solar,hydro and wind evergy instatllations that connect to the public utility grid.


Like all inverters,they convert DC electrictity to AC eletritiy, the type needed to power household appliances such as TV's radios and computers. 


If you live in State that allows back-metering than you can maximize your benefits. For those residents of states with back-metering you can supplement your electric needs and get a credit or check from electric company.



If you live in a state that does not allow back-metering,you can still benefit by supplementing your supplementing your electric use and lowering your electric.



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